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What are other people telling your prospects?

How is the quality of your products and services being heard?

Just telling a prospect you are amazing or posting blogs about your accomplishments and successes doesn’t really cut it.

The people your prospects really listen to, are other people.

It’s the testimonials of other people who share their experience and success working with you, who give a glowing testimonial, who have achieved stellar results because of you, that’s the message prospects really hear and respond to.

If you haven’t received any testimonials yet, or if you just want to receive more, “The Amazing Power of Testimonials and How to Receive Them” is for you.

Easily attract new clients!

When one of my business coaches (I recommend investing in great mentors!) stressed the importance of receiving testimonials, I put it into action immediately. The results were remarkable!

I quickly received my highest paying clients ever!

When I asked my new clients if they found me online, they said “yes.”
And they replied “…I saw all of your testimonials Michelle.

What’s inside…

  • The Most Powerful Testimonials You Can Ever Receive
  • How to Get the Exact Testimonial You Want
  • Formatting to Catch the Eye of Prospective Clients


  • Handling Unflattering Feedback
  • Request Forms You Can Use
  • Samples from My Treasure Vault
  • and much more!

Let others tell the world of your greatness!

What people are saying…

tonya“I love books that get down to real information you can implement immediately which Michelle has done a superb job of in her ‘Amazing Testimonials’ book! This is THE opportunity that everyone needs to take to grow their business, personal connections, corporation, organization, and non-profit. Read it today… so glad I did!”
Tonya Hofmann, CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association www.publicspeakersassociation.com


garypI found “The Amazing Power of Testimonials and How to Receive Them” very insightful, filled with excellent tips and valuable templates on how to get more impressive testimonials. I’ll definitely be putting this info to good use.
Gary Powell, ImageWear Solutions www.ImageWear Solutions.com



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